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How to Get Everything You Want –Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Your time and your life are precious assets which are irreplaceable. By learning how to set good goals and then follow through until

those goals are accomplished, you will be able to achieve more than you ever before imagined was possible. All that’s required is that

you understand and then apply the principles of effective goal setting.

Lets Get started...

  • Understand your true potential

Irrespective of what you’ve achieved thus far in life, there are

quite literally no limits on what you can accomplish in the future.

The only limits are those you impose yourself.

  • Take responsibility for your life

Never blame others for where you’re at today. Instead, take

charge of your life. Assume full responsibility for everything you

think, say and do from this moment forwards and you’re on your

way towards achieving your goals.

  • Act as if you had no limitations

Never limit your thinking to what you currently have the

resources to do. Instead, plan your future as if there were no

limits to what you can do. You will always find the resources to do

whatever you’re most passionate about.

  • Be true to your personal values

Success will only feel good to you if it is aligned with your

innermost values and convictions. Take the time to think through

what your personal values are, and never deviate from them.

  • Decide what you truly want to accomplish

To increase the probability of achieving your goals, be clear and

specific. Decide what you truly want to accomplish at the

expense of all other options and work towards that objective.

  • Find your central purpose

You must have a major definite purpose – a single goal which

you have a burning desire to achieve. Know what that is and

you’ll have the key by which you can accomplish more.

  • Have positive beliefs

Your beliefs have a great impact on your feelings and

achievements. Analyze what you believe and make certain your

beliefs are positive and consistent with what you want to do.

  • Be honest about where you are now

Before setting a goal, be completely honest about where you’re

starting from. Determine your situation today and work to

improve your circumstances steadily from there, rather than

expecting to take a giant leap forwards in one large step.

  • Measure how well you’re progressing

Use sensible benchmarks and scorecards to measure your

progress on a regular basis. This act alone will enhance your

overall ability to achieve your goals.

  • Eliminate all your roadblocks

To succeed, you must master solving problems and removing

obstacles. These are skills that can be developed with practice,

and they are well worth the time, effort and attention.

  • Become one of the best in your field

You should set a goal to be within the top 10-percent of people in

your field. Set a goal to become one of the best and then work at

it every day until you achieve that status.

  • Link up with the right people

The people with whom you associate will have a direct bearing

on what you accomplish in life. Therefore, choose your friends

and mentors wisely. Build good business relationships.

  • Have a well-thought-out plan of action

An ordinary person with a plan will always out-perform a genius

without one. If you become good at planning and executing your

plans, you can achieve even big and complex goals.

  • Manage your time well

By applying good time management skills, you can double and

then triple your productivity. Before beginning anything, set

priorities and concentrate on the most valuable use of your time.

  • Review your goals each and every day

Take time every day to review and revise your goals. This simple

act will keep you on track and working towards what really is

most important for you.

  • Visualize your goals constantly

Your imagination is the preview of the upcoming events in your

life. Therefore, direct the movies of your mind. Center them on

mental images of success to move forward with power.

  • Learn to use your superconscious mind

All around you is a power that can help your dreams come true.

Tap into this power by learning how to activate and apply your

superconscious mind.

  • Stay flexible and light on your feet

You need to be clear about your goals but flexible about how

they will be achieved. That way you can take advantage of any

better, faster and cheaper ways that open up to you.

  • Use your inner creative talents

Everyone has the potential to be a creative genius. Learn how to

tap into your reserves of intelligence to overcome any obstacles

to the achievement of your goals.

  • Make some progress every day

Every single day, you should do something tangible that moves

you closer to what you want to accomplish. That will create

momentum that can and will propel you to greatness.

  • Stay with it until you succeed

Your ability to persist until you succeed is essential. Stay at it

longer than anyone else and you must achieve more than

everyone else. Resolve in advance that you will never give up.



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