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12 Tips to Become more Smart & Productive

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

You can be more smart & productive when you know how your brain works.

Here we go.. We have got some amazing insights From brain rules. Most of us have no idea how the brain works, if you have a better idea of how the brain actually works, you can then start to do those things which will help you get the most out of your brain. We try to do multiple task simultaneously even though it is literally impossible for our brain to multitask when it comes to paying attention. We have created High-stress school , college & office Environment ,even though a stressed brain is significantly less productive.

Brain rules are meant to get you into the loop and introduce you to 12 things we know about how brain works.

  • Excercise

physical excercise boost brain power quite substantially. To be smarter, incorporate some physical movement into your meetings and work schedule. You will think clearly that way.

  • Evolution

Human's are smartest species ,not the strongest.we thrive because we learn from our mistakes,solve problems and form alliances. To prosper From good relationships with others.

  • Wiring

Every brain on the planet is wired a little differently from others that means everyone learns their own way.if you can not allow for this flexibility , your cognitive abilities are not fully utilised.

  • Attention span

we don't pay attention to boring things ,and we can only pay attention to one thing at a time.Forget about trying to multitask. It can not be done. pay attention to what you are doing.

  • Short-Term Memory

The human brain can only hold about seven pieces of information for 30-seconds at a time. Therefore, to learn something, repeat it over and over. Embed what you want to know through repetition.

  • Long-term Memory

If you want to remember something, remember to repeat your exposure to it periodically. It takes years for the human brain to consolidate a memory so stick with it.

  • Sleep

The more you sleep, the better your brain works because it has more time to arrange what you’ve learned. If you can nap while working, you’ll be able to think even more clearly.

  • Stress

Long-term stress is bad because it dilutes your ability to think clearly. Do everything you can to minimize stress. Stress in one part of life always spills over in to all other parts as well.

  • Senses

The senses always work in unison. To remember more, embed more sensory clues into what you’re learning. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are catalysts to effective thinking.

  • Vision

Vision is the most powerful sense by along way. Incorporate pictures into what you’re learning and you’ll remember 55% more information. Pictures trump reading everytime.

  • Gender

Male and female brains are different.They process emotions in different ways. To help people learn more,pay attention to the emotional content of what you’re saying and tailor it.

  • Exploration

Humans are natural explorers.We love to hypothesize, experiment, observe and then reach conclusions on our own. To use this, incorporate exploration into what you present.

If you want to master your brain & want to learn these techniques , send your queries contact us we will get back to you.



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